From where did it come?
From nature,
Is there recourse against it?
Yes, inside ourselves.

Nature’s dire warning
to notice
all the things
that are really important.
When will we listen?

Bellowing out loud
the nature
of our harm
to the earth that sustains us
Begging us to hear.

A more deadly strain.
Each of its
carries a stronger warning
to love each other.

It is a blessing,
telling us
that hope comes
when we understand its call:

The joining of our hearts,
among us
a welcoming place for Him
to bestow His grace.

Intention to reform
our past sins
so that we
unerringly turn to Him
to receive His light.

The perfect state we seek.
in a state of unity,
adhering to Him.

How Do We Create Communities to Which All of Us Can Belong?

Originally published on Center for Humans and Nature

As I begin to gather my thoughts about this compelling question, I cannot begin without acknowledging the beauty, depth of wisdom and articulate thought that have been expressed by others on this topic about their experiences of community. That the true nature…


Science has pretty much demonstrated that greenhouse gases absorb and radiate the earth’s naturally generated heat and release it over time, and that these gases are responsible for about two-thirds of the total energy imbalance that is causing Earth’s temperature to rise. Air pollution, in the forms of smog and…


Mankind appeared on the earth after everything had been prepared for us. We emerged as the fourth level of nature into a lush environment that provides everything we need for survival and comfortable living. We figured out early on that joining others in the hunt for food and the pursuit…

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COVID-19 is one of the most dramatic occurrences humanity has experienced because it is inducing a revolution in human perception. This present time in mankind’s history is viewed by many as a great transition from a local to a planetary civilization, that we are being developed by Nature to move…

Mary Miesem

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