Back to Normal? No Way!

A Radical Idea

In March, 2019, two courageous members of Congress put forth House Resolution 109, The Green New Deal. This resolution proposed drastic changes in the way we inhabit the earth in order to save it. The issues advised were broad and harsh, representing major changes in habits and lifestyles of humankind. It addressed the multiple issues related to how our daily habits are related to climate change and proposals to mitigate them.

How Nature Works

Nature is an integral and deterministic system that developed through four levels of existence — inanimate, vegetative, animal and human. Each level has within it all that existed in the level(s) prior to it, along with added qualities. Therefore, the human is made up of all the elements of the earth and all qualities of the vegetative and animal. The world, in other words, is inside each of us. Nature operates through laws, obvious ones such as gravity, as well as more subtle, but no less binding, laws called interdependence, altruism, balance, harmony, interconnection and unity. It is only the human part of nature that refuses to be in alignment with how nature acts. We are willing to exploit her and harm each other, cheered on by our inborn egoism, in order to maintain our pleasures and creature comforts.



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