Can We Conquer Nature and Calm Her Down?

Mary Miesem
3 min readAug 2, 2022


Kelly Sikkima on Unsplash

Our world is made up of four levels — inanimate, vegetative, animal and human. Out of all of nature, only the still, vegetative and animal are in a state of balance within their levels and between them, because they don’t have free choice and can’t decide to behave one way or another. They behave according to their own nature, their own instincts.

We humans, however, behave according to how we decide, because we were given the quality of choice. However, we use all these degrees of nature which are below us in an egoistic way. We bend them according to our desires to feel good. We are destroying and emptying the earth, by choice, knowingly, and without seeming remorse. When we relate this way to the other levels of nature, we are destroying the integral system. We ignore the template set for us as the other levels of nature developed — a deterministic law that we care for each other and for all that gives us life.

The imbalance we have deliberately and relentlessly created causes nature to burn, quake, erupt and flood, dispel viruses, and in every way to change its behavior in order to re-establish balance. Of note, is that these disturbances occur on the levels in which they developed. First, the earth trembles and erupts, then as we continue to plunder the vegetative begins to wither, and now we are seeing the disappearance of animal species. This is how nature operates and we have no control over her. The system will operate as it was meant to, without regard for the human species.

We Are Next

Humanity has a choice. We can continue to propel ourselves toward extinction or we can apply the remedy before the disaster. The problem is separation among us, manifested as meanness, dishonesty, greed, corruption in all our institutions, killing each other on the streets, war, general social and political collapse. All that we see in the world that we call evil is within each of us. We all have negative and positive impulses and each of us is ultimately capable of performing horrendous acts toward each other. Think food shortages, and what we might feel forced to do so as to feed ourselves and our children.

What is required is the simplest, as well as the most difficult, thing we have ever encountered. It is to love one another, not in a romantic, head-over-heels way, but because each of us his of inestimable value. Be nice. Act nicely. Care for nature. Be willing to let go of cherished ideas of individuality and independence and realize that we depend totally on each other for our very survival, so we must take care of each other.

It begins with deep soul-searching and expanded awareness of what is happening on the earth, and that the chaos and danger in the world are totally of our own making — individually and collectively. Then change. We don’t want to, but if we want to survive as a species, we must. No amount of decreasing carbon emissions or other such actions will save us if our attitudes do not change. Nature is busy showing us this. Are we ready to take the necessary medicine, or will we just allow nature to obliterate us? We can decide.