Coming into Alignment with a Round World

credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

I read something the other day that seemed to me strange and frivolous — the Flat Earth Society claims that the recent solar eclipse confirms their perception of the shape of the earth. That sent my mind racing in all sorts of directions.

The Flat Earth Idea

There is a certain truth to this notion, but not in the physical sense. For millennia, during the development of mankind on the planet, the world was a small place. Nomadic tribes walked on flat land from one place to another. Their perception of the world was limited to how far they could travel and what they needed to do to survive. Their survival required a fierce sense of selfishness, a driving desire to satisfy one’s own needs. Otherwise, the proverbial hungry lion would likely end it all.

Technological advancement, of course, expanded mankind’s scope, and it became necessary to join with others to assure survival, but this engagement with others was not altruistic. It was, quite simply, recruiting reinforcements in keeping the lion away from their own doors. This egoistic approach to relationships with each other has proven to be tenaciously enduring, thriving in our inner depiction of a flat and linear world.

All major institutions that make up the structure of our lives have been developed out of this collective inner landscape of flatness and self-preservation. As have methods for interacting with each other, including the ways in which we solve problems among us.

Roundness: A New Paradigm

Our world is becoming more and more “round,” This means that the collective mutual link between everyone is being discovered; everyone influences everyone… Many scientists are talking about the fact that the world has become round due to its interdependence, that we cannot run away from one another, and that, [at the same time], our interdependence is constantly growing, moment by moment, day by day. They warn us of the dangers of adopting policies of protectionism and isolation in an effort to disconnect one nation from another.

Michael Laitman, PhD

Science is figuring out that the whole universe aspires to roundness as it is an ideal mathematical and physical form in which we observe a balance between all its attributes. We observe round forms and structural analogs throughout nature.

King Arthur adopted roundness — the circular form — to conduct meetings with his Knights, to indicate a spirit of equality, providing a connection among them. The symbolism of the Round Table has developed over time and has become a representation of chivalry, a concept that included the ideas of gallantry toward women, a gracious and honorable attitude toward an enemy — especially a defeated one — and toward the weak or poor.

One can imagine the Knights as a medieval fraternity, so to speak, who created an environment within their numbers that supported their values and chivalrous actions. They were admired for their moral creed, but also because they aspired toward altruism. The word chivalry suggests an attitude, one that aims one outwardly toward others, the purpose of which is to care for others in a kindly and moral manner.

Which brings me back to the round world construct.

Becoming Round Inside Ourselves

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

Martin Luther King

The natural progression of the advancement of mankind, always expanding and always moving in the direction of more connection, has brought us to what is being termed globalization — a round world. We’ve reached the ultimate state of our relationships with each other — all 7,400,000,000 of us. There is no back-up planet to which we can escape. And we are no longer progressing, are we?

The fact is that the entire infrastructure of our societies is devolving. There isn’t an institution that can be named that isn’t in crisis — an unstable global economy, old-fashioned and ineffective educational systems, a medical system based on profit rather than healthcare, mean and divisive politics, to name a few — all driven by the force of the bloated collective ego. And accompanying this alarming regression of our societies we face a widening and deadly ecological crisis.

And then one day I discovered my own light, my own inner-gangster. I snatched my power back and the game changed.

Author unknown

NASA Photo Gallery

The round world is the game-changer. It’s a game with totally new rules, all of them aimed toward this age-old adage: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Our inner vision becomes one not of sitting with a few at a round table, but 7,400,000,000 of us sitting together in a round world. And when we feel ourselves at that huge gathering, we become struck with how responsible we are for each other and how kind and loving we must be. Because the reality is that what happens to one person on the other side of the world also happens to me. That’s how connected we are.

The round table is now a confraternity of humanity where we are equal in our connections with each other and our desires for a peaceful and loving world. Can we adopt the spirit of Arthur’s Knights and take on a moral attitude of altruism? Are we up to cooperation and collaboration, respect and consideration, kindheartedness and concession, receiving and bestowing? The fact is, we must be up to it. The round world demands it and we are feeling that call to connection rather than separation all around us every day.




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