Finding Confidence in an Uncertain World

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There is only one thing in our uncertain and chaotic world in which we can be confident — Mother Nature. Truly. Here’s why.

Over billions of years nature developed through four phases or levels, the first being the inanimate, also called still. Atoms, molecules, gases, rocks, stars, planets, etc. Then came the vegetative level — all the flora on the earth. Later emerged the animate level — animals, fish, birds, and all other non-human life forms. And lastly, after everything was prepared for us, humanity made its appearance. This level is also called speaking.

Of special note here is that each level has within it all of the qualities and elements of the previous one(s), meaning that as humans we are made up of the minerals, fibers, instincts, and other qualities of all that came before us. And like all the other levels, we bring additional abilities and potential.

The system of nature into which we evolved has set a template for us to replicate in our relationships with one another. The system is interconnected and interdependent. All parts receive from and give to the others, always maintaining the integrity of the whole. Nature is altruistic. Nowhere within the first three levels does any entity take anything more than it needs for survival, nor does it fail to give back. The system is balanced, operating on the principle of the merging of opposites, and harmonious, working like a well-oiled machine.

Not so humankind. We have qualities above the levels below us, for example, mind and heart, enabling us to envision beyond the present and learn from the past. We are aware of ourselves. We represent one of the only two forces that exist in nature — the will to receive. Its opposite is the will to bestow — the Creator, who created the creature in order to manifest His nature of bestowal. And we are endowed with Ego — that force that pushed us to develop our societies. All of these things enable us to act against nature.

The thing about ego is that we are now fully developed. We have everything we need to survive and to do so in relative comfort. Its dark side is now growing exponentially into a world of egoism — wanting what we want when we want it — where the integrity of the common good is not a consideration. But don’t forget about Mother Nature. Her laws, in bold above, remain the same. And she will demand that we are in alignment with them.

Because we have within us everything found elsewhere in nature, our actions profoundly influence those three levels below humanity. The influence begins with the still, and moves upward through the other three, and our egoistic actions are so reflected. The still level is the basis, the foundation on which all the rest are built, and the place where the re-balancing occurs. Have you noticed any natural disasters lately?

Mother Nature is reacting more and more forcefully as disruptions on the other levels are perpetrated by the ego of mankind. Actions such as clearing of rainforests and manipulation of our food supply insult the vegetative. As this level becomes less capable of supporting animals and humans, we begin to see species extinctions and further disintegration of the vegetative, such as coral reefs. And what is in store for us? Economic collapse, starvation, disease, global unrest, war, and most likely self-extinction.

Gloom and doom? No. Simply confidence that Mother Nature will prevail.

This devastating global crisis is happening due to unfounded hatred and separation among everyone. There is abundance in the world, but we cannot or will not share it among us. We haven’t figured out how to establish social justice, connection, unity, and arrange ourselves and our lives to create a world that works for everyone. The bloated and insatiable collective ego of mankind reigns.

But consider this. What we are experiencing is a system that promotes separation, the opposite to what we want — harmony, balance, and brotherly love. Because of our potent influence on all of nature, if we achieve even a small amount of positive connection, we will have a very powerful effect on all of nature’s lower layers, especially on the inanimate level where earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and typhoons occur.

We just need to correct ourselves a little — change our attitudes toward each other — to bring peace and harmony to human society. This will have a huge impact on inanimate nature, the environment and the Earth we live on. We can soothe all the lower layers of nature under humanity. Nature in its entirety will return to equilibrium as soon as we balance our relationships.

Have confidence in this, my friends. It is the reality in which we live, breathe and have our being.

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