The New World Order

You’ve heard about the secret meetings in Bohemian Grove, right? It’s where the rich and very rich gather to carry on an evil and sinister conspiracy to mastermind events and control world affairs and corporations. Furthermore, they have been plotting mass population reduction and the emergence of a totalitarian world government.

So what else is new? The history of mankind is replete with manifestations of the unbridled ego of mankind, always seeking more and more for self, engaging in conquering others, wars, population reduction by genocide and every kind of xenophobia and a constant lust for wealth and power. Welcome to the Old World Order.

What has happened is that our focus has moved away from our connection with nature so we are puzzled by what our global community has become. Humans once understood that we are part of nature and that this vast structure operates by laws. Some are obvious, others less so. For instance, no one jumps off a tall building believing he can fly. However, we routinely violate the more subtle laws of nature such as interdependence, altruism, balance, harmony, unity and interconnection.

Nature is integral and deterministic, therefore, every intention and every action affects every entity within the system because the law of cause and consequence is always operative. Over the millennia our actions have built societies where greed and enormous selfishness guide our affairs. We are now watching the deterioration of our societies, of all major institutions, of common decency among us, of the very fabric of our relationships with each other. We have created these conditions by egoistic intentions that breach nature’s balance. We are now seeing her busily readjusting herself.

Coronavirus is the first reaction of nature that affects the entire world. We can no longer feel relief that the hurricane or the tsunami or the war of the famine is somewhere else. This virus is here among us and we are all vulnerable. It is showing us in the starkest manner how powerless we are against the forces of nature. It is a thing stealthy and unseen but its domination of us has happened quickly. Nature will not change. It is we who must do so.

It turns out that a new world order is indeed being thrust upon us, but not one created in a secret hideaway in California. It is this teeny-tiny mass of protoplasm. Our world has undergone dramatic transformation in a few weeks and the effects will be permanent. We are being confronted with the step by step destruction of the societies we have built. We are frightened, angry and helpless. We are also at a point of choice never before faced by humanity.

Will the new world order be created by the ever-expanding and flaming human ego or will be able to understand that our separation from each other is showing us how important are correct connections with each other? The choice is between egoism and altruism. We’re seeing a surge in altruistic behavior, a deepening realization among us of the necessity to care for others. And it makes us feel good, right? And that’s really the secret.

What if we were to become a society where sharing our pleasure and our good with others were the norm? It would be the best of all possible worlds. We could feel good all the time because we are helping others and we would be individually cared for by everyone else. It’s a state called mutual responsibility, where each cares for all the others, so we all have our needs met. It would feel so good, in fact, that the idea of harming someone in order to fulfill one’s own needs would be abhorrent.

All manner of manipulation by governments and the obscenely rich would have no effect because we would be taking care of each other. Their power over us would be gone because their perception that we are trying to take away their money would evaporate. So, this is a pipe dream, right? Not so. It is how nature on all level except mankind operates and it is the way to peace and happiness.

This, my friends, is the only possible New World Order if we wish to have a world that works for everyone.



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